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 [PyGUI] [PySimpleGUI] How to go to next page
I just started to use PySimpleGUI and need a kick start.

I have a menu_def with the pages I want to show. For each page I created a layoutPagex

I have for each layoutPagex a windowPagex.

Basically something like:
menu_def = [....

layoutStart = [...

layoutCamera = [...


windowStart = sg.Window('headline', layoutStart, default_element_size=(40, 1), grab_anywhere=False)
eventStart, valuesStart = windowStart.Read()

         'The results of the window.',
         'The button clicked was "{}"'.format(eventStart),
         'The values are', valuesStart)

windowCamera = sg.Window('headline', layoutCamera, default_element_size=(40, 1), grab_anywhere=False)
eventCamera, valuesCamera = windowCamera.Read()

         'The results of the window.',
         'The button clicked was "{}"'.format(eventCamera),
         'The values are', valuesCamera)

sg.Popup ...
It doesn't matter which menu item I select, I just get the next window in the list.

1. How can I get a flow logic into that? Open only that page I select, and close the current page, so that only the last page will be displayed.
2. I want to add a logo in the Title
3. I want to use a camera picture. The user should be able to set some parameters of the camera, like brightness, ... with a slider and the camera picture should show the effect directly.

Can you guide me to a solution, please.
Based on history, we only get a question or two every few months about pysimplegui. And if i recall correctly, now one uses it here that i know of. Everyone here just uses the GUI that pysimplegui is wrapping around, such as tkinter, WxPython, or PyQt.
This sounds like an interesting project. Have you tried posting an Issue on the PySimpleGUI project's GitHub page?

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