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[PyGame] How much python should I learn before starting Pygame
I am a beginner in python, but I am really interested in learning Pygame and I was wondering if there was any like "Threshold" of python I should know before even beginning Pygame.
If you know the basics. You should be good. class, function, list, dict, loops, if .
Two standard libraries you might want to know math and random.
99 percent of computer problems exists between chair and keyboard.
sweet thank you so much, really excited to actually start learning it! I have been feeling like I am stuck in a beginner loop so hopefully pygame opens up a lot more to learn.
GUI(Graphic User Interface) are more complicated then the programming language itself.
99 percent of computer problems exists between chair and keyboard.
Follow metulburr's tutorial which begins here: https://python-forum.io/Thread-PyGame-Cr...dow-part-1

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