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 [PyGame] How to use pygame
I have been coding on anaconda using spyder for about 4 months. And I can say that I am quite confident with the basics of python. I would like to start making simple games using pygame but I do not know where to start. I have tried using Sublime Text and Pycharm, but the interface is far different from spyder that I get confused. I do not really know how to set up an interactive console or add the pygame package. If someone could help me figure it out it would be GREAT ! Smile

If you look in the Game Tutorials section, you will see that metulburr has written a ton of tutorials on working with pygame, including at least two on installing pygame. I would check those out, and if you have any specific questions, ask them in the Game Development section.
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Recommended Tutorials: BBCode, functions, classes, text adventures

You can use pygame form whatever editor you like, doesn't matter.

As for how to install it, go to you command line for your computer, not the python terminal and type, "pip install pygame". If python is in your path that is it.

But pygame isn't a game engine with an interactive console, it's just a library. It just gives you some functions that are very useful for making simple graphical 2d games.

The best place to start using it would be to follow some tutorials on youtube. "Kidscancode" are intermediate, but if you stick with them you will end up with some nice games. Just search "pygame tutorial" and pick something you are interested in.
Thanks !!

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