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[PyGame] Image not found error
Hey guys,
I'm beginner in Python 3.5 and Pygame. With help of YouTube tutorials I'm trying to code my first very basic "game". I am using Mac OS and every time I try to add image (.png) to my game it writes error: Failed loading libpng.dylib: dlopen(libpng.dylib, 2): image not found
Can you help me please?
try this
brew install sdl sdl_image sdl_mixer sdl_ttf portmidi

Sorry, maybe its bad question but.. where should I write that line?
its a system command to install dependencies 

open a terminal and input that
-bash: brew: command not found
i dont even own a mac, so im not sure. I just googled your answer. And i googled your error as well to find this
Thank you so much! It worked!
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so is your original problem fixed or just installing brew?
I installed brew and my problem is partly fixed. When I save image as .png or .jpeg it writes error but once I saved it as .gif it worked. Its fixed for me because I don't really care if its .png or .gif I am just glad it works.
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