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 [PyGame] Problem when moving game window
Got it.

From this it looks like when I title grab the sprite keeps moving on its current vector until it is released. If I hold it longer the sprite just disappears of the edge of the screen. They don't collide or obey their AI. Every time it jumps, I'm grabbing the title bar. I tried to time my holds to keep the sprite on the screen.
Yeah i cannot replicate that issue at all on my system. Are you 100% positive the code you are running is the same that is on your repo?
It is. Totally unchanged, and I only have the one copy. I can't imagine the problem being the code. Other people have followed this tutorial and there is no mention of this in the comments, nor is there anyone replying to my comment with the same experience. You ran it on Linux, the OP did it on Mac.

It's like the little circuit that does the vector calculation keeps repeating its last calculation while everything else is suspended. Then when it all starts up again the sprite positions are however many frames ahead of everything else. Could python hand it off to a piece of hardware that doesn't know it's supposed to pause? It does pause during a title grab, right? I might have a chip that isn't a perfect match with my OS. I don't know, I'm just talking out my ass really. It's just weird, and not it the quirky, fun way.
Have you heard of such an issue Mekire ?
Unless someone mentions another good idea....this may be a good candidate to bring up to the pygame developers and see what they say. They might have better knowledge on hardware issues, if that is the problem. I would start getting your hardware information before asking.

or their IRC or mailing list is the way i contacted them.
I just tried your game on a windows laptop and replicated your issue. It appears to be a windows only issue. The first thing comes to mind is someone mentioned a long time ago the pygame math module was buggy. Ive always avoided the math module and created my own. If you do that and the issue goes away, then you know it is a bug in the math module of pygame. If the problem persists after that i would still contact pygame devs. The fact that it works as intended in linux/mac and not in windows seems to be a bug, not code related. Usually when that happens i would pinpoint the culprit at one of the 3rd party libraries. Pygame, Pytmx, etc.

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