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 [PyGame] Python pygame hangs up after 40 minutes
I think I have found the culprit...

All day long I was modifying the program to avoid using pygame module and readin directly through linux, using open file and /dev/input/js0... It again worked flawlessly (after 6 hours), until.. it started hanging up.

So: Pygame was not at fault.
I ran htop and discovered that the memory used was continuosly increasing until Pi ran out of memory and then it started to hang up.

I tried to isolate the modules/calls and the error was:

I had: for tkinter module Inp.update_idletasks()
When I changed it to Inp.update () the memory problem ended...

However, visually, both of the options worked "fine", i.e. the display was updated in both cases correctly in the tkinter window.

Thanks for the help!
metulburr wrote Jul-27-2019, 11:15 AM:
Thank you for responding back and giving us the answer
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