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 [PyGame] Why didn't my installation of pygame work?
Hi all. I just tried installing pygame on my Windows system using the following on the command line:

python -m pip install --user pygame
but it seems to have failed. Attached is an image of the command window after it ran. Why didn't this work? Did any part of it install? I don't want to create problems later with a partial install. I guess I will try to find an executable to install instead.

Anyone know what I might try? I can't find an exe file on the pygame website. I'm a little wary of using one from some other, unofficial source.

python 3.7 came out officially days ago. I would not be surprised if pygame does not have a compatible version yet. Try installing python 3.6.X with the associated pygame version if you do not need the python 3.7 features for an easier install process.

If you insist on trying to get 3.7 to work, then read through this for install instructions and troubleshooting.

There is a pygame 3.7 wheel in the unofficial binaries and they are highly recommended and trustworthy.
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If you have Python 3.6 or older the following runstring should work (which downloads from PyPI):
pip install pygame

I get similar errors using Python 3.7 on Windows 10.

I was successful downloading the wheel file from which is an unofficial URL for unreleased packages (even though Python 3.7 was released a couple of days ago). Download the appropriate version for your computer. My installation runstring was:
pip install pygame-1.9.3-cp37-cp37m-win32.whl
Processing c:\python\pygame-1.9.3-cp37-cp37m-win32.whl Installing collected packages: pygame Successfully installed pygame-1.9.3
To paraphrase: 'Throw out your dead' code. Forward to 1:00
Thanks guys! It worked with 3.6.5! I appreciate the suggestion!
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