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 [PyGame] pygame, help with making a function to detect collision between player and enemy.
Hi guys.

I am making a game in pygame, where you play as a little spaceship and your mission is to shoot aliens. I am struggling on making a function, when the spaceship hits one of the enemies, i want the game to be game over. I have made a collision function for the missile, when it hits the enemy, the enemy respawn and you get + 1 in score and it works fine, but i am struggling with this.

Hope you can understand my code, but ask if there is any questions. I have used a long time on the game so i hope someone can help me!
Best regards.


Here is my code:
Why aren't you using the pygame sprite class? Pygame has collision detection built in. It would be simple, like this for example.

hit = pygame.sprite.spritecollide(player, enemies, True)

if hit:
So, the answer is to use the Sprite class and sprite groups.
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I would also suggest a restructuring for a player class and an enemy class to help make things more organized. My tutorial series 1-9 actually uses a space shooter type game with similar properties. Regarding your issue, specifically this one.
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