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[PyQt] How is this tray icon throbber done?
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[PyQt] How is this tray icon throbber done?
I writing a tray widget/notifier for Manjaro KDE and i would like to use this tray icon throbber effect. Anyone know how? (using PyQt5)

The way I would do it is to have two icons identical size, with the two views of the throbbed icon.
Use a timer event (not sleep) to toggle the icon change on each iteration.
Yea that was what i thought, or maybe (if its even possible) use a .gif but there seems to be some method to do it because you can set any icon you like in the settings of the example i have shown and it still applies the throbbing effect to it even though its a single icon, so there is something somewhere other than messing with multiple icons and looping them on a timer type thing.
a .gif .ico or .png will do, just don't make it too large or it will have strange flicker effect.
I'll have to try and dig through the octopi-notifier-frameworks code and see how he's done it because he is not using multiple icons, as i say there must be a proper method to do it because you can change the icon and it still applies the throb.

Hate digging through someone else's code, especially when its Cpp ^^
well i suspect its got something to do with these snipets of code iv found but i have not a clue what to make of them when talking about pyqt5

from octopi-notifier code Wrote:#ifdef KSTATUS

Quote:enum KStatusNotifierItem::ItemStatus

All the possible status this icon can have, depending on the importance of the events that happens in the parent application.

Nothing is happening in the application, so showing this icon is not required.

The application is doing something, or it is important that the icon is always reachable from the user.

The application requests the attention of the user, for instance battery running out or a new IM message was received.

So to me it looks like in Cpp there is a KStatusNotifierItem::NeedsAttention Enumerator that i believe might be doing the work of throbbing the icon but after that im lost how to impliment that info into python
found this:
great stuff, that I can understand and will take a good bash at using, Thank you :)

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