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 [PyQt] Learn pyqt5 using pyqt4
I've been studing python for a year and I'm now trying to learn pyqt5. I have found some videos and online pyqt5 tutorials, but when learning something like pyqt I find it most helpful to have a book tht lays everthing out systematically. I cannot find such a book on pyqt5.

There are several books on pyqt4. It's my understanding that pyqt4 and pyqt5 are somewhat incompatible, but maybe not completely so. Here's my question: Will studying a book on pyqt4 help me to understand pyqt5 or just confuse me? Just how big are the differences between the two?

The book I have in mind is:
Rapid GUI Programming with Python and Qt: The Definitive Guide to PyQt Programming by Mark Summerfield.
It should, new features will become aparent to you as you progress.
There should also be a 'what's new'  doc somewhere in the qt5 install
readme file.
I have looked over the what's new file for pyqt5, and to my eyes there seems to be big diferences. And that makes me reluctant to learn pyqt5 using a pyqt4 book. But I'm not sure. I don't have enough experience to know. It could be all the new stuff in pyqt5 are minor compared to what has not changed. If what I could learn in the pyqt4 book can transfer easily to pyqt5, I will eagerly jump into the book.
With regard to the book I mentioned, Rapid GUI Programming with python and Qt, I found this link that translates the pyqt4 into pyqt5 code, which helps a great deal. I did the first example alarm.pyw and it did work using pyqt5, although I had to comment out the first four lines with "from __future__ ...". So i think this will work for me. Here's the link:
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I came on this Youtube video series. Start here if you know nothing about pyqt5:

Videos are by Mark Winfield. I'm now up to video 12. They are very helpful and go at just the right pace.
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They're highly compatible. Shouldn't have any issue learning between the two.

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