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Pygame or Pyglet
Hello all,
Looking for some advice, looking to learn to code for Work reasons ( being forced into it), have tried many times over the years and always get distracted, so in an effort to stay motivated figure i would pick a game as a goal so I'm at least working towards something i want to do that should help strengthen my work skills.

My question is, which game engine is superior to the other?

Im happy to stick to 2d engine ( which as a 3d Draftsman at work, i should do 3D but what can i say, i like sprites) but i just don't want to back the wrong horse, get so far and have to restart...

I know, the reality is I will up with a few shapes moving around on the screen shooting circles at each other by the time i lose interest but let's pretend i will stay with it this time and build my dream.... Which engine should i go with and why?
There is an excellent game tutorial on this forum written by metulburr.
I'd start there.

Tutorial list:

  1. Creating a window (part 1)
  2. Loading images, transparency, handling spritesheets (part 2)
  3. Basic event handling (part 3)
  4. Adding player effects (part 4)
  5. Basic Animation
  6. Enemy AI and collision (part 6)
  7. Flair and Organizing (part 7)
  8. Structure and Organizing (part 8)
  9. adding menu system and states (part 9)
  10. not assume anything (part 10)

My 2 cents would be that pygame is the better choice simply because it seems most popular and the internet is awash with examples, stackoverflow questions/answers, and videos.

A forum user here has a youtube channel Coding with Russ, I like his videos and they are a perfect place to start.
Pygame is more active. It has a lot more user base and thus more floating around the internet in terms of tutorials, examples, existing boilerplate code, etc. That is the reason i chose pygame over pyglet....because when i asked a question on both forums.....i got a response more often from the pygame users, rather than pyglet users. Sometimes i got numerous responses from pygame users, and never got anything from pyglet forums. You lose interest in something pretty quickly when you hit a snag, and no one is there to help. Pygame reddit is the most active dedicated to pygame that is forum similar, and not a mailing list.

And now that pygame can use SDL2, it s only going to get more popular.

This is a little outdated but should give enough for some comparisons between the two libraries.

They are both gaming libraries. ITs kind of like saying to the GUI folks of python, should i make it in WxPython or PyQt5? Both do the same final result, but in their own way. There will be folks on both sides that say theirs is better.
Thanks guys, so i am heading down the path of Pygame, working through one of Russ_Cw tutorials now to expose me to what is required whilst i am also working through TeamTreehouse Python course... with working fulltime and raising some kids, will be a slow process but hey, why not recreate some old time game that i loved :)

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