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 Python Coding
Imagine if i have a date set like this
dataset=[    ["ID","Title","Runtime","ReleaseDate","MPAARating","Genres","Cast1","Cast2","Cast3","Cast4","Cast5","Director1","Director2","Director3","Director4","Director5","Producer1","Producer2","Producer3","Producer4","Producer5","Company1","Company2","Company3","Company4","Company5"],    ["7286456","Joker","122","2019-08-31 00:00:00","R","Crime;Drama;Thriller","Joaquin Phoenix","Robert De Niro","Zazie Beetz","Marc Maron","Brett Cullen","Todd Phillips","","","","","Richard Baratta","Bruce Berman","Jason Cloth","Bradley Cooper","Joseph Garner","BRON Studios","Creative Wealth Media Finance","DC Comics","DC Entertainment","Joint Effort"],   
 ["4154796","Avengers: Endgame","181","2019-04-22 00:00:00","PG-13","Action;Adventure;Sci-Fi","Robert Downey Jr.","Chris Evans","Mark Ruffalo","Chris Hemsworth","Scarlett Johansson","Anthony Russo","Joe Russo","","","","Victoria Alonso","Mitchell Bell","Ari Costa","Louis D'Esposito","Jon Favreau","Marvel Studios","","","",""]
How can i( what code) pull out the date for each item
What have you tried?
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