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Python - Database for Machine Learning application
Hello Guys,

I am planning to create a ML application for predictive maintenance with Python. To create this app I will collect data (lots of) from machine. My problem or rather confusion is that which database shall I use for this kind of application, since I am creating this app for first time and I don't want to end up in dead zone later.
Either it should be SQL or NoSQL?
SQL has the benefit that I can physically check the data ( in case its needed) but at the same time No SQL has benefit of 'No schema'.

So can anyone please guide me to choose correct database type for this kind of application.

Thanks a lot
You haven't given enough details. You haven't described your data or what you queries look like, if your requirements are fixed or expected to change over time, etc.
You can use SQL database for creating a machine learning application. Today, SQL databases are distributed, which allow you to use variety of cores hand has good parallelism. This allows many hardware to address a single query all at once which proved best performance. It can be used for hundreds of servers or cloud instances, providing numerous platform than single node system.
Thank you
micseydel wrote Mar-06-2019, 02:23 AM:
Please don't try to sneak links into per-for-training services into replies.

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