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 Python - Limit Sentence Length to 10 Words - Text file
I am trying to limit each sentence to 10 words

file = open("a.txt","r") 
content =

file_out = open("out.txt","w+") 

for i in range(len(content)):


    if (i + 1).join(i.split()[:10]):


what would be the correct syntax?


Python newbie trying to learn the ropes
Try to use the context manage with when manipulate files.

Check if this is what you want:
with open("a.txt", "r") as f_in:
    with open("out.txt", "w+") as f_out:
        for line in f_in:
            words = line.split(' ')[:10]
            f_out.write(' '.join(words) + '\n')
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Thank you GJ,

that did the trick

Have a great weekend!


Python newbie trying to learn the ropes

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