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Python Paramiko, continuing the interaction for a command in interactive shell
I have been trying to automate a task using python, in which I ssh to a remote server using paramiko, bring up the interactive shell and run the command.
The problem I'm facing is that the command I execute requires further more inputs to be given to it . Consider the below example, which happens on the cli, if the command is manually executed on the server

Select the config to restore
a.conf b.conf.c.conf
Are you sure you want to proceed(Y/N)?
******the execution begins and completes by itself*****

The problem with my code is after the restore-config is executed, the paramiko channel gets closed without asking the input(in case of above example,"select the config to restore"),it displays restore-config aborted, how can I carry on the interaction?
My code is as follows:

import paramiko

ssh.set_missing_host_key_policy( paramiko.AutoAddPolicy() )
ssh.connect( '',username='abcd',pass='1234' )


def run_cmd(cmd):

     for l in stdout:
        print "stdout:%s" %l.strip()

     for l in stderr:
         print "Error:%s" %l.strip()


      for l in stdout:
        print "stdout:%s" %l.strip()

      for l in stderr:
         print "Error:%s" %l.strip()


        for l in stdout:
            print "stdout:%s" %l.strip()

        for l in stderr:
            print "Error:%s" %l.strip()

The output is similar as follows

stdout:Select the configuration file stdout:a.conf stdout:b.conf stdout:c.conf stdout:restore aborted

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