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 Python as an analysis tool
Good evening everyone,

I have asked a question like this recently but I'm getting more exposure to Python and a little more naively dangerous with my thoughts. My employer has been trying to get Python off the ground for data analysis and business trending however I don't really think they know what they're trying to accomplish with it. Frankly, I don't either so I want to get ahead of their thinking. Currently we use AWS S3 for a data lake (that is literally empty and not being utilized), AWS Redshift for a data warehouse that is being heavily utilized, and we're going to begin using AWS Glue as a replacement for Talend Studio Enterprise. Our "customer facing" tool is Power BI for reporting and analytics. So...where could Python fit into all of this? From my first glance it seems like Python would not be a good customer facing tool. But I don't know. To me, after screwing around with Pandas and Numpy a bit, it seems like these tools should be used more by the analysts and "data scientists" (let's face it, we don't have a REAL data scientist. How can I tell? We're in this conundrum) to leverage business processes and decision making from the data lake while the groomed and well structured data from our data warehouse and data marts should be the data presented in a nice aesthetically pleasing form using Power BI.

Am I on the right track? Anyone care to share how they are leveraging Python in their data environment?
I was almost 100% C and C++ for 20 + years until I started using python. Now python is all that I use. Our company is 100 % data aggregation, and I wouldn't think of using anything but python to do the data collection.
When it comes to presentation of the data, you can't top Flask in conjunction with Bootstrap, Jinja2, JavaScript and maybe a bit of Ajax to get the job done.

Someone asked me if Flask could handle web volume. I only had to point to Pinterest who's entire site is done using Python and Flask, and gets billions of hits per day.

Take a look at the toolbox: 206,592 projects!
Interesting, I didn't know that about Pinterest.

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