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 Python automation GET/POST/REQUEST
Hello All,

I have a Python web based project(UI is designed with Java and it is parsed to use by python) which can load a project as JSON, I can run the calculations and save the output as JSON. Now what I am trying to do is to automatically do this functionality without even using the UI.
I would have a JSON file with all the necessary inputs which I would fire it to my project say the load project part and automatically trigger the calculation module and then return back the result as JSON.

Additional information: My Python project already use the Python web services to POST and GET the specific modules, like
when I run the url in my browser it links up with the server and downloads the required UI for example my login screen then so on.

I can also give more information, plus I am only a beginner in python programming.
Any tips, suggestion and advises are much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
take a look at flask for your web programming.
There are several tutorials available here:

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