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Python convert multi line into single line formatted string
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Python convert multi line into single line formatted string
Hi, Pls help me on the below issue. I have tried a lot, but not getting correct format.

I have a python flask application where I am getting inputs from a User and POST to JIRA application to create ticket.

One of my field is description and it is a multi-line field.

Expected Input: [in description field, which is multi-line]

Expected output format: [Need in this format for JIRA post rest api process]

I tried so far,
b=request.form['description'] # I gave multi-line inputs in this field thru front end UI screen
out=a.replace("\n", "\\n")
What is the behavior you are observing and what is your expectation?
(Dec-23-2019, 06:48 AM)Malt Wrote: What is the behavior you are observing and what is your expectation?

Currently, I am getting an output like below

#input - multi line input thru front end UI screen


#to support jira rest api format, I need formatted string like below

I just tried like below and got expected output (able to post successfully in JIRA to create ticket)
Pls let me know, if any other efficient way to handling this string format.

#get input from UI screen and place in multi line quote string
#convert each line into array list

for i in format_desc:

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