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Python for Accounting

I am totally new to python and I am an accountant. I am very much interested in python language. I would like to learn python for analyzing accounting data in spreadsheet, transferring PDF data into spreadsheet etc. Could you guys help me out how do I start and where to start. I also need help regarding which python version do I need to install and what libraries along with editor should I install to serve my purpose.

Thank you.

For learning Python I advise studying "The Python Tutorial".
You should install the latest version, currently 3.8. See Download the latest source release.
You may be interested in the following packages.
these are mostly General Ledger:
other accounting:

to see the source code for any of these packages, click on the 'Homepage' link from the individual PyPi pages
these can d be downloaded for study, or load the package to play with using (usually): pip install packagename

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