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 Python for web development
If Python is such a great language for any task (including web development), why is Python user Forum developed in PHP instead of python?
Because building a forum is a lot of work, and reimplementing the same thing in another language is a hard sell. Why not just use PHP? The optics not being the best isn't a good enough reason.

That said, there have been a couple of attempts by the forum to write our own software, but those projects never got enough attention to really get off the ground. Even then, it would have taken months or years to reach the richness of the current software we use.
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Thanks for the reply
There where none good and updatet forum software for Python when we did choice MyBB.
It was a attempt to write a forum software in Flask,this did fail as making a new forum software it's a lot more work than anyone can think of.
We are not taking about 100's hour,but 1000's hours bye several people over years to make a good forum software.
Today is maybe FlaskBB the most updated forum software for Python,work on steadily now for 6-years.

I run did NodeBB for a while to look how it was as an alternative under the process before we did change.
@metulburr did run MyBB when we did choice and moved from the old forum.
The old forum did run with phpBB,but is was one man effort and he did go missing.
Now have we spread the admin/mod task more,so forum should not go down if one person go missing.

We have put in lot of effort to and done many changes to the MyBB version we run today.
The forum platform is now very steady,and we have to very careful to not break this if ever change to something new.
MyBB 2.0 has been put on hold indefinitely,which i think is okay as it would break a lot of stuff we have now.
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