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 Python function call font color
I'm quite new to Python, but I've noticed that writing code that uses a lot of function calls is quite difficult to read quickly, as no font distinction seems to be made between variables and functions. I'm not too sure if this is due to the IDEs that I'm using (Spyder and VS Code), but I've noticed that when I define a function in Python, then in the Spyder IDE the function's font is bold and black, and in VS Code using the Monokai color theme, the function's font is green. However, if I try and actually call the function, then its font is exactly the same as a normal variable's font. Is there any way that I can force a color change to take place when a Python function is called? I'm hoping to be able to have a similar format to C++ in VS Code, which gives function calls a different color to plain variables, and makes reading large bodies of code rather easy. Apologies, as this is a weird question to ask in the first place.
Maybe this from VS Code docs helps: Customizing a Color Theme

Quote:To tune the editor's syntax highlighting colors, use editor.tokenColorCustomizations in your user settings settings.json file:
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