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 Python to build desktop and mobile apps
I'm very new to programming. I'm teaching myself through YouTube and some other courses. So one thing I'd like to do is learn how to develop mobile apps. Is there a difference in the code between desktop and mobile apps? Or is it basically the same, besides screen ratio, touch controls, etc.?

I'm currently using pycharm. Can the mobile apps be entirely developed and run there, or do I need to run it through another program?
You can (and should) write the code so that it will work with any size screen, mobile or wall size display.
Miguel Grinberg's Flask tutorial will show you how to do this and keep it elegant (and secure)
I went through his upgrade of this tutorial, and thought it was very well done, the caveat is that the new edition has a small price tag of $39. (well worth it) I expect the original (which is free) is well done also.
you may look at Kivy, which is cross-platform GUI framework
I have never developed any app but I know that there is also BeeWare.

There are some presentations from recent PyCons:

Russell Keith-Magee - Building a cross-platform native app with BeeWare - PyCon 2018

Dan Yeaw - 5 Steps to Build Python Native GUI Widgets for BeeWare - PyCon 2019
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