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 Question on a php syntax

I need to iterate through the following loop but the exec() line is failing to respond. What's the correct way of doing it?


//exec(python3 -c 'import gpio; print(gpio.ledsOn(0))'); //works when used from command line

$arrleds = array();

for ($x = 0; $x <= 6; $x++) {
    $arrleds[$x] = exec(python3 -c 'import gpio; print(gpio.ledsOn($x))');
    echo "The led status of ".$x "is: ".$arrleds[$x];
    echo " <br>";

Solved with the following changes:

for ($x = 0; $x <= 6; $x++) {

    $cmd = exec("sudo python3 ".$x);
    $arrleds[$x] = $cmd;
    echo "The led status is: ".$arrleds[$x];
    echo " <br>";
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Thanks for coming up with the solution. It looks like wrapping the command in quotes to make it a string, as well as possibly adding sudo, is what fixed it.

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