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 Read data, recognize trends and send report
I would like to use Python and Machine learning to read time stamped data set and analyze its trend behaviour to generate a report if any outliers.

This will basically be used to analyze daily datadump and recognize change in trends and generate report when certain unexpected behavious happens over time etc.

Create a logic that when Status = 1, it is OK that pressure increases. If status 0 = expect to decrease. I basically want to generate a report that let the user know that pressure has increased between 08-10 september, while the status was 1, and is not following the set up logic

Sounds like a great project. Start your favourite IDE and begin coding. Don't hesitate to ask when you hit a problem. Don't forget to post your code in python tags, full traceback (if any) - in error tags. We are glad to help, but we are not great in writing code for you.
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