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Reading specific rows from CVS to Excel
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Reading specific rows from CVS to Excel
I am not completely sure that this is a Python pandas problem.

I start from a CVS file with 707,000 rows. From this (with help from yourselves) I have found out the first and last rows associated with a given ID in column 9. I have transferred these limits into an Excel workbook. For example : The col 9 ID EG47296 runs from row 3833 to row 13896.

Now I want to transfer these EG47296 rows from the CVS file into my new Excel workbook and particularly into worksheet(EG47296). It might be possible to copy paste, but I would rather do it programatically as there are so many rows.

How to set about this, please ?
May be you can refer to this sample code

import pandas as pd
from pandas import ExcelWriter
from copy import deepcopy

data = pd.read_csv('c://filepath.csv')  #Set the CSV file path

# Select the required columns, rows from CSV
data1 = data.iloc[3832:13896,['column 9']].copy() # Set the required rows, columns and get a copy

# Save to excel
writer = ExcelWriter('c://filepathtoexcel.xlsx')
Working from your code I have got the data out of the CSV file, because I can see it on the clipboard. But I still cannot get it to go into the Excel file. I have been fiddling with the syntax but, so far, to no avail. The error message seems to indicate that a module openpyxl is missing.

What I have is

# This is to read from row_s to row_e in Padget.cvs 
# and to put the material in Pajb.xlsm
import pandas as pd
from pandas import ExcelWriter
from copy import deepcopy
print("Hello, World!")

url = "F:/Carrier Bag F/NAV Padget/Padget.csv"
pacto = pd.read_csv(url) 

# Select the required columns, rows from CSV
#data1 = pacto.iloc[24120:24130,['column 1' : 'Column 9']].copy() 
data1 = pacto.iloc[24120:24130, 1:9].copy()

# A check
#data1.to_clipboard()   # THIS was OK I can see the data on the clipboard     

# Save to excel
vrl = "E:/CSVStuff/Pajb.xlsm"
writer = ExcelWriter(vrl)
#data1.to_excel(writer, sheet_name= 'EG47296',index=False, startrow=1, startcol = 1)
data1.to_excel(writer, sheet_name= 'EG47296',index=False)  # Doesn't work.

OK Got it to work. Thank you.

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