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 Recommend me a Python book (R/Rstudio ninja wanting to use Spyder and Python 3)

My first post here! Usually find me on stackoverflow/R or RStudio community forums.

I have done a lot of R in the last few years. I'd like to grow similar skills in python. I am looking for a book that gives a solid overview of python suitable for mainly data science use. I have used Anaconda and Spyder a little so far. Spyder 4 is awesome.

I have been looking for a suitable book, but haven't found the right one yet. I am interested in pandas and numpy and matplotlib but a lot of books seem to stop there. I am not particularly interested in big data or machine learning.

I also have experience with VBA and Fortran, plus a bit of C++ and Matlab.

Any suggestions?


Try Python Programming: Master the Basics of Data Analysis.... by Samuel Burns.
A lot of books combine info on data analysis (like you want) with machine learning (which you don't). This covers Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlip If you want to do regressions you will want to add Scikit-learn at minimum or Tensorflow, though those move you closer to ML/AI

Ryan Turner's Python Machine Learning: The Ultimate .... brings you through analytics such as K-clustering, K Nearest Neighbor, Support Vector Machines. All of that uses Pandas, and Pandas uses Numpy, so you are asking the correct first questions.

How about Python for Data Analysis: Data Wrangling with Pandas, NumPy, and IPython (Second Edition), by Wes McKinney? This one seems to be well reviewed and comprehensive.
Spent a few minutes looking at in on Amazon, it looks pretty good. More detail than the ones I mentioned. Has been updated to Python 3.6 (current is 3.8 but that was released very recently). What I can't say is how much is dedicated to the basic tasks of learning Python vs the advanced tasks of doing things like regressions. What I see I like and I'm thinking about picking it up as well as a reference.
Python Data Science Handbook is free on Github.
A free pdf file (1890 pages) mainly on data science: link from Quantitative Economics
Few Books with Pandas, Numpy and Matplotlib for Data Science & Data Analysis are

1. Python for Data Science For Dummies By Luca Massaron and John Paul Mueller
2. Learning Pandas – Python Data Discovery and Analysis Made Easy By Michael Heydt
3. Hands-On Data Analysis with NumPy and Pandas By Curtis Miller
4. Pandas Cookbook By Theodore Petrou
5. Python Data Analytics: With Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib 2nd Edition By Fabio Nelli
6. Mastering matplotlib By Duncan M. McGreggor

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