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 Recommendation - Resource - While loops, if/elif/else nested, functions
I have found many resources on this website as well searching all over the internet, however I haven't found something that directly helps what I'm looking for. What I'm looking for is any resource(s (video, document, etc.) that really breaks down the operations, hierarchy, and/or definitions for:
  • while loops
  • if/else/elif (nested statements)
  • functions

For homework I've had to solve problems that involve all 3 of those in one, and it is just very confusing. I'm having a hard time visualizing and internalizing the correct order of things, and how to best execute something.

If you have resource that ever made you say, "Wow! That couldn't have been any clearer!" I would love to know what it is.
I'm not completely in the dark on these 3 aspects of Python individually, when they're altogether in one question/problem, it becomes very tangled for me.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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