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Recommendations of learning Python to be a Data Analyst

I am new to Python and from a finance background and good at database query e.g. Oracle, MySQL

While I am not interested in a pure development role, but I would like to be a data analyst. There are many courses online but I don't know whether they are suitable to me since Python is huge. I have found three courses. Two are for beginners and one is teaching library (e.g. pandas) although I don't know what it means. I have listed the information in here.

Are there any experience people or any recommendations for me to start learning Python in order to be a data analyst?

The course will cover the following key aspects of programming using Python:
General introduction to programming
Programming in Python
Using the interpreter and iPython
Writing Python scripts
Loop and control flow (for-loops, if-statements)
Data-types: strings, lists, dictionaries
Using and writing functions
Functions for scientific programming: Numpy and SciPy
Finding problems in code
Data manipulation project using Python
Python overview and the basic language elements: Introduction to Python. Variables. Loops. Main method. Conditional structures. Data structure.
Debugging in Python (using pdb, Pycharm). How to read a program.
File manipulation: Reading and writing files.
Object Oriented programming in Python: classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation. How to build a modular Python program.
Introduction to the Python standard library.
Testing in Python. Presentation of doctest and unittest.
Error handling: exceptions.
Libraries that will be taught in this course:
Jupyter Notebook
suggest either (or both) of:

Thanks for your respond. I notice "" is very very old. I am unsure if I should still devote the time to old stuff.

It's one of the best

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