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Regarding guidance for a Newbie in Python and Django
Hello All,

Greetings !!

I am a newbie in Python. I am really passionate about learning Python and then learn Django. Have tried basic tutorials etc too but after that I am not getting way now where to go and how to go?(May be I am not a developer background)
I am very keen to learn Django too(Off course after learning Python's basics) as I wanted to become a Web developer.

Could you please guide me on same, what approach I should follow? From where I should start? Which things(Free pdfs, videos, forums) etc I should follow and learn(I already started seeing posts here :)).

Will be really grateful you if all experts could guide me on same.

R. Singh
I highly recommend "Learn Python The Hard Way". It's a great way to start with python, and once you have that aspect down I would suggest doing the django tutorial directly on the django website. It's actually a fantastic tutorial and will cover all aspects relevant to developing your first real django application.


Quote:I highly recommend "Learn Python The Hard Way
Before you go out and buy this book, I would highly suggest you review
the comments on this forum regarding same.

For web development, take a look at Flask.
to get properly started with Python take a look at this post: https://python-forum.io/Thread-A-List-of...-Resources
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I haven't been huge into the LPTHW controversy, especially around the author, but I do recall him being adamant that Python 3 is "not Turing complete" which is objectively false, and would be easy to prove. I recommend avoiding it because it's hard to unlearn falsehoods, which he has proven he is willing to teach, than to find any of the many good tutorials out there.

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