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Remove escape characters / Unicode characters from string
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Remove escape characters / Unicode characters from string
I retrieve some JSON from a web page. It is real JSON, however due to all the backslash escape characters it doesn't want to format correct.
There's two fixes I've though of although I'm not sure how to do either.

Here's a snippet of the JSON:
\"text_with_blanks\":\"<b>Tagesmen\\u00fc im Restaurant<\\\/b><br\\\/>\\u00a0Samstag, 12. August<br\\\/>\\u00a0<b>Suppen<\\\/b><br\\\/>Tomatensuppe \\u00a0 \\u00a0 \\u00a0 \\u00a0 \\u00a0 \\u00a0 \\u00a0 \\u00a0
As you can see, not only is it full of "\" it's also full of unicode characters.

The first method was to remove backslashes. If I did that with .replace() it would get rid of every backslash of course, so I need a way to get rid of only one backslash everytime it encounters a backslash.

The other method is to firstly, convert the unicode characters to actual characters, and then replace all the backslashes but I'm not sure how I would go about coverting the characters. Sadly, decode("utf-8") doesn't work.

Whats the best way to do this?

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Remove escape characters / Unicode characters from string - by DreamingInsanity - May-14-2020, 02:54 PM

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