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 Remove \n from list of values within a pandas columns
I want to replace all \n within pandas dataframe with space.
import pandas as pd
table = pd.DataFrame(data = {'ClientID':[100,102,103],
                             'Category':['A','Category\nZ',['Non\nCategory A','']],
I tried with the following code. However, I couldn't replace \n within the list values in the columns.

table = table.replace(r'\n',  ' ', regex=True)
Out[400]: Category ClientID Income 0 A 100 800 1 Category Z 102 900 2 [Non\nCategory A, ] 103 [1000, 2000]
Appreciate if someone can help on this.

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Remove \n from list of values within a pandas columns - by klllmmm - Jun-24-2019, 12:20 AM

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