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Replace changing string including uppercase character with lowercase character
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Replace changing string including uppercase character with lowercase character
Thank you, again, scidam, for your contribution.
The problem remains for the ones who would be interested :
How replacing the first character of a word, marked by some preceding substring (in my case : <lb/>), by the same character but lowercase.
I repeat my example :
Input :
<p>Material blabla ; <lb/>Dimension blabla ;<lb/></p>
<p>Sideral blublu ; <lb/>Sticky Gonzalez blibli; <lb/>Reductio ad absurdum bloblo</p>
Wished output :
<p>Material blabla ; dimension blabla ;<lb/></p>
<p>Sideral blublu ; sticky Gonzalez blibli; reductio ad absurdum bloblo</p>
If no one from you, distinguished programmers, has any idea, should I conclude that no solution is available?
Take care, everyone.
This is a strategical post to place my thread at the list top Idea
Cordial greetings.

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