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 Responsive theme

Just a suggestion, don't you think this forum should be updated with a responsive theme?

I can't barely ready anything with my mobile from this forum...
We have done so many changes to the forum,so trying a theme that should be more responsive will break in many ways.
I have done some testing with different theme,
but had to start from scratch with original theme when i made midnight,dark theme to get all to work.
They have a responsive theme but it's broken, so it is disabled. When the forum software is updated a responsive theme is supposed to be embedded into it by default instead of a plugin
Guys, today everything is mobile first, but anyways, thanks.
For this site, mobile is an edge case. Most people using this site are going to be programming at the time they access it, so they will be on a laptop or desktop.
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Craig "Ichabod" O'Brien -
I wish you happiness.
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Normally yes, mobile is important. However as ichabod stated, this site is heavily programming (and not much mobile either). So most people that come to this site is not using a mobile device. Based on Google Analytics in the last 60 days only 5.8% of our users are mobile users. The rest are desktop/laptop. And i doubt many people (if any) ask programming questions on their mobile phone as they would most likely be on their desktop when requiring such help.


Yes i would love to have a responsive theme. But this site just does not require it as does other sites. It is a low priority. We have just recently customized this site to our liking (aside from a responsive theme). That entire work would have to be redone if we incorporated a broken responsive theme that "may" work with tweaking. Based on that most users are not using mobile, i cant justify breaking the forum to incorporate a responsive theme. If i remember correctly the current responsive theme forced all users (even desktop users) to use the responsive theme and messed up the desktop users view to even be able to read. And the forum had to be reset to undo it. Because desktop users are our main user base, desktop is high priority.

I do jump on this forum using a phone. Its a pain in the ass; pinching to zoom and scrolling to side to side to read. But i avoid posting as i hate typing a long response on a mobile device. But i just use mobile to check up on the status of threads.
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