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 Return a value when I equal an object from a class

I would like to do something like:

class Hi():
 def read(self):
   return 23

hi = Hi()
val1 =
val2 = Hi
I would like to associate the function read() or whatever returns when I do an equal from the object Hi. In the example val1 and val2 would have the same value.

Is that posible in Python?

Yoriz wrote Jul-09-2019, 08:19 PM:
Please post all code, output and errors (in it's entirety) between their respective tags. I did it for you this time, Here are instructions on how to do it yourself next time.
Give your class the __eq__ method. Wrote:object.__lt__(self, other)
object.__le__(self, other)
object.__eq__(self, other)
object.__ne__(self, other)
object.__gt__(self, other)
object.__ge__(self, other)
  • These are the so-called “rich comparison” methods. The correspondence between operator symbols and method names is as follows: x<y calls x.__lt__(y), x<=y calls x.__le__(y), x==y calls x.__eq__(y), x!=y calls x.__ne__(y), x>y calls x.__gt__(y), and x>=y calls x.__ge__(y).

    A rich comparison method may return the singleton NotImplemented if it does not implement the operation for a given pair of arguments. By convention, False and True are returned for a successful comparison. However, these methods can return any value, so if the comparison operator is used in a Boolean context (e.g., in the condition of an if statement), Python will call bool() on the value to determine if the result is true or false.

    By default, __ne__() delegates to __eq__() and inverts the result unless it is NotImplemented. There are no other implied relationships among the comparison operators, for example, the truth of (x<y or x==y) does not imply x<=y. To automatically generate ordering operations from a single root operation, see functools.total_ordering().

    See the paragraph on __hash__() for some important notes on creating hashable objects which support custom comparison operations and are usable as dictionary keys.

    There are no swapped-argument versions of these methods (to be used when the left argument does not support the operation but the right argument does); rather, __lt__() and __gt__() are each other’s reflection, __le__() and __ge__() are each other’s reflection, and __eq__() and __ne__() are their own reflection. If the operands are of different types, and right operand’s type is a direct or indirect subclass of the left operand’s type, the reflected method of the right operand has priority, otherwise the left operand’s method has priority. Virtual subclassing is not considered.

I don't want to do a comparison, I just want to assign a value within the object without using the .method and read the attribute in the same way. Something like:

class Reg():
  register = 0
  def write(val):
    self.register = val
  def read():
    return self.register

 def __assign__(self, value):
        self.register = value
  reg = Reg()
  reg = 5 # Now register is 5, this is equivalent to:

  val =
  val = reg # <- This is that I want to archieve,
When I write val = reg I want to read the register value within the reg object. I mean to be equivalent to, is it possible to overwrite the behaviour of the "=" in such a way?

(Jul-09-2019, 08:47 PM)ihouses Wrote: is it possible to overwrite the behaviour of the "=" in such a way?

No. You could only do it with item or attribute assignment, which is what you are trying to avoid in the first place.
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You could do it this way
class Reg():
    register = 0
    def write(self, val):
        self.register = val

r = Reg()
val = r.register
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