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 Running python code meant for Notepad++ plugin independently
Please excuse my ignorance, but I am trying to run this code:

with open('C:/fix.txt') as f:
    for l in f:
        s = l.split()
        editor.replace(s[0], s[1])
independently from Notepad++ (as it hangs on large texts). I have Python 3.5 installed on Windows. How would I have to edit that code to define the file on which the replacements must be made? Currently, only the file with the replacement set is defined.
I'm not sure if this helps, but that won't work on Windows. First, you need to use the forward slash "\" not the backslash "/". Second, you need to escape the forward slash like this: "\\". So the code should look like this: with open('C:\\fix.txt') as f:
Right, thanks, how do I define the file on which the replacements will run?
(Jan-28-2019, 05:39 PM)greektranslator Wrote: Right, thanks, how do I define the file on which the replacements will run?

To my knowledge, a txt file open in this way runs within the python environment, thus not opening any external editors. I'm still a newbie myself. But I've been working on a project that deals with txt editing. It's been my experience that no external editors (notepad, notepad++, gedit, vim, etc.) opens when you run with open() as f:. Beyond that, what you're doing with the for loop, is beyond my knowledge. If I were you, I'd make a smaller test txt file and run some experiments before running it on the real thing.

Scratch that, I reread your post.

To define the file that you are editing, that is the part in the quotes. So think about it this way: with open("C:\\absolute\\path\\to\\file.txt") as f

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