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 SQL Pivot EAV
I am very new to Python but I have a programming background.
I can read data from SQL query in EAV format (I am stuck with the data).

HOLEID, PROJECT, name, value
123, RH, a, b
123, RH, x, y
234, RH, a, c

I would like to pivot the data to a flat table and display it as

holeid, project, a, x
123, RH, b, y
234, RH, c, NULL

Is this possible in Python?

Thanks in advance
definitely possible. the exact approach may vary - e.g. what packages you use/are ready to use, etc.
for example, using pandas

import pandas
data = [(123, 'RH', 'a', 'b'), (123, 'RH', 'x', 'y'), (234, 'RH', 'a', 'c')]

df = pandas.DataFrame(data, columns=['HOLEID', 'PROJECT', 'name', 'value'])
pivot = df.pivot_table(index=('HOLEID', 'PROJECT'), columns=('name'), values=['value'], aggfunc=lambda x: x)
name a x HOLEID PROJECT 123 RH b y 234 RH c NaN
Of course you can always iterate over data and construct appropriate data structure yourself
Thanks Buran,

I now have the data but how do I then get it to display as per a normal table so I can write it to an SQL Table.

Current Output:

name a x
123 RH b y
234 RH c NaN

Expected Output:

123 RH b y
234 RH c NaN

Or is that just the way it is displayed and I can then write back to a new SQL Table using a different method?


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