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SQLAlchemy with type hints
Hey guys, I'm having hard time to make a clean type hint of an SQLAlchemy project that I'm working on.

The issue is that I need type hint for some methods that accept only a bunch of models from a file (eg

Something like this:
from typing import Union
from models import M1, M2, ..., M20

def func(table: Union[M1, M2, ..., M20]) -> bool
    return True
So this is getting too big and ugly Sad

Is it possible to get all classes from a file and insert them into the Union?
That way it would be more clean and even much more maintainable. Like:

from typing import Union
import models as m

def func(table: Union[model for model in dir(m)]) -> bool
    return True
This won't work as it is but is just the idea Wink
Just for future reference, what I decided to do was this:
from typing import Type, Union

TableTypes = Union[Type['M1'], Type['M2'], ..., Type['M20']]

class M1(db.Model):
class M2(db.Model):
class M20(db.Model):
Then wherever you need type hints you can use it like:
import models as m
def func(table: m.TableTypes) -> bool
    return True
Now it's more clean and mypy is not screaming anymore! =)

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