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 Scraping not moving to the next pages in a website
I am trying to scrape a website with all the succeeding pages in it. But after the second page, it is repeating itself indefinitely with output from just the second page. What went wrong here? I am not getting any error message. It is continuously scraping just the second page.

from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import requests
import pandas as pd
while True:
    response= requests.get(url)
    soup= BeautifulSoup(data,'html.parser') 

    for api in apis:
        name_tag= api.find('td',{"class":"views-field views-field-pw-version-title"})
        name=name_tag.text if name_tag else 'na'
        des_tag=api.find('td',{'class':'views-field views-field-search-api-excerpt views-field-field-api-description hidden-xs visible-md visible-sm col-md-8'})
        des=des_tag.text if des_tag else 'na'
        category_tag=api.find('td',{'class':'views-field views-field-field-article-primary-category'})
        category=category_tag.text if category_tag else 'na'
        link_tag= api.find('a',{'class':'views-field views-field-pw-version-title'})
        link=link_tag.get('href') if link_tag else 'na'
        print('Name:',name,'\nDescription:', des ,'\nCategory:', category ,'\nLink:', link)
    url_tag=soup.find('a',{'title':'Go to next page'})
    if url_tag.get('href'):
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