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 Script to average 2 columns in .csv file, and print results to the file name.
Hi everyone, I'm running a test which outputs numerous .csv files (around 12). I need to average out the data in column G (7) and H (8). I'd then like to have the averages and the title of column 'G (7) CMAA' and column 'H (8) TAA' printed to show up at the respective .csv file name.


Original .csv file output from my benchmark:

What I would like for my script to do:

Is this possible with a .bat script?
What's this got to do with python?
Sorry, I'm using a .bat file to generate the .csv files. But I would like to have python do the averaging and renaming of the files if it's possible.
You can do this with python quite easily actually.
Not sure of the best way to go about it, perhaps load into a list so you can add columns.
This will work if rows are symmetrical.

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