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Searching for specific word in text files.
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Searching for specific word in text files.
How do I search in a file for a specific word? It should ignore word containing that word, for example.

word to search = 'ello'
text file -
It shouldn't output anything file with the above text file
It should output 'success' with the above text file. How could I do this?
my_string = "hello\nthere"

start_index = my_string.find("ello")

start_index = my_string.find("x")
Opening files in text-mode for reading:
Together with Context-Manager:

All together in a function:

def has_pattern(file, pattern):
    with open(file, encoding="utf8") as fd:
        # inside this block the file is open for reading
        # read content -> find pattern -> return result_of_pattern != -1
        return != -1
My code examples are always for Python >=3.6.0
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