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 Secure App Data Storage for Kivy Android App
Hello everyone,
For this summer I have decided to create a personal planner app for storing notes and useful information like tasks or schedules using python. I plan to make it so it can be multiplatform, so it can run both on a computer and on android.
So far I have decided to use kivy for the GUI part. However, I'm quite lost on the data storage part. I was thinking about using sqlite3, since it is fairly simple to use, and it can be password protected. Maybe a login window that asks for the password to unlock the database is a good solution?
I don't know if it is a very secure way, so I would appreciate your guidance on this topic.

PD: Sorry if my explanations are not the best. I find it hard to communicate some ideas in English. Also, this is my first post on this forum so nice to be here Smile
Using sqlite3 is a good idea, it's easy and simple. But I don't know if you can lock it, like encrypting?

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