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Segmentation fault when connecting to modbus device with Libmodbus
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Segmentation fault when connecting to modbus device with Libmodbus
I have a Raspberry Pi with an armhf system. I am getting Data from a Modbus Device with TCP, therefore I use the C Library libmodbus through ctypes.
It works fine on the Raspberry. But when I tried it on a amd64 system with the same packages(just the lib for amd64),it doesnt work and throws a Segmentation fault after creating a context for the connections when going into the modbus_connect() function.

import ctypes as ct

libc = ct.CDLL("")
libm = ct.CDLL("")
modbus_t = libm.modbus_new_tcp('',502)

if libm.modbus_connect(modbus_t) == -1:
-Segmentation fault

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