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 Select specific index for plot
Hey guys,

I do have here an issue, which I cannot solve alone and thus need your help.

I do have a very large csv table with 27 columns. What I did was to use the multiindex command for "date" and "time", since I do have an object which is observed for several months for a time frame, so you can imagine

Index 1-----Index 2----Attribute

1.1.2018---- 12:00-----0.1



So I hope yo guys can imagine the table. So what I did to get a plot was
If I execute this command I do get the right plot, however the x-axis has the label "Date" and "time", so the multiindex items.

Question: How can I show on the x-axis the date and not the time??

I would be happy for any kind of help
You probably need to get mean/median values of the attribute per day.

Try this:

Also, you can call more general (.transform) method instead of mean:

# or 
your_df.groupby('date_index').transform(lambda x: your_func(x))['Attribute'].plot()

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