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 Selecting Few Columns from a dataframe
Hi All,
I am very new to python.

While in other languages, it is easy once the data is loaded to select only few columns of the entire dataset as i am newbie, i am finding a bit difficult to do this.
Below is the dataset i have:
[skip_rows = pd.read_excel("Org_Data.xlsx", sheet_name=2, skiprows=5)
now this file have 42 columns and i need to see only 4th to 8th column from all the columns.
I am able to do this if i select and create a new dataframe but not on the existing skip_rows data.

My code below:
[subset_columns = pd.read_excel("Org_Data.xlsx", parse_cols=3:7)]
Please suggest if the above is possible without creating a new dataframe.
Thanks, Shivi
Once you read entire sheet

df = pd.read_excel("Org_Data.xlsx", sheet_name=2, skiprows=5)
you can select desired columns using .iloc:

df.iloc[:, 4:9]
Thank you scidam. it helped me

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