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Separate python from anaconda in cmd
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Separate python from anaconda in cmd

I was installing anaconda was reading some comments on general websites. it said to run this command (SETX Path "%PATH%;C:\Users\honey\Anaconda3\Scripts;C:\Users\honey\Anaconda3") to set path of anaconda, i ran and anaconda installed properly but one other thing happened wrong!. In my cmd previously whenever i was typing python it was coming normal python but now whenever i type python it comes like tyhe attached image.

how do i removed anaconda form path so that i can get my original python back?

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I'm not a windows user, but I think you could start by reading this official doc page. The python launcher should allow you to start your systemwide python.
Remove the Path to Anaconda here Windows PATH Environment
Make sure that you Path to OS Python is there.
[Image: CLgsMA.jpg]

I have tutorial about Anaconda here.

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