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 Simple pandas dataframe question
Hi all,

I am new to pandas and have a real simple question for all of you but it will make my day to day presentation more intuitive.

I am trying to merge few common key value into one (please see below picture).

This is similar to excel function "Merge and Centre" where values in different cells can be combined into 1 single cell/value. I know how to do it while concating multiple dataframes but in my case it is a single one.

Do you have any clues?


The below code will do exactly what you seek.

To explain it, I created 3 series and assigned them to before_data.

I assigned the before_data as the data for a DataFrame called before.

I assigned the now grouped by (Country and Index) DataFrame before to after and used .sum() to aggregate as there is technically no summing going on here in these values.

I then applied a sort on the Shares column so that numerically it matched the original dataframe.

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

before_data = {'Country' : pd.Series(['Australia','Australia', 'Japan', 'Japan','Japan','Japan', 'Hong Kong', 'Hong Kong', 'Hong Kong'], index=range(9)),
               'Index' : pd.Series(["ASX 200","MSCI Australia","N225","Topix","Mother","MSCI Japan", "HSI", "HSCEI", "MSCI Hong Kong"]),
               'Shares' : pd.Series([10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90])}

before = pd.DataFrame(before_data)
after = before.groupby(['Country','Index']).sum()
after = after.sort_values(by=['Shares'])

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