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Solve system of equations
I have system of 3 equations with 3 variables, where there is product of variables.
Does exist a module allowing to solve it ?
Scipy contains tools to solve systems of equations.
In fact it is a system of non-linear equations.
I found a link where author propose fsolve as the only solution for such problem
Why don't you show us the system? It could help find a good way to handle it.
(Oct-22-2020, 11:37 AM)Gribouillis Wrote: Why don't you show us the system? It could help find a good way to handle it.
Here it is:
[Image: system-of-equations.jpg]
Here Rin, CL are constants
omega is also constant but different in each of 3 equations as well as TF.
Cs, L, Rs are variables.
What about Br and Bj. Are they unknown?
Br and Bj are calculated from formulas, shown on the picture.
I did these replacemnts for reading facility.
Have you tried fsolve() ?
Not yet, but indeed this is the tool I will use (if there are no other alternatives)

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