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Some guidance need'ed.
Hi Guys,

I have a Small UK company i employ about 6 people as energy consultants and we get paid commission for signing up new & existing Business owners to Gas & Electric company's.

For established business we are doing fine.

But for the new Business that open i have to pay a lot of money for LIVE day to day Business DATA and this is why i am here.

The company i buy my data from uses's Crawlers/Scrapers to search Twitter LinkedIn and maybe Facebook for keywords and then sell's me that data,


So i'm here for some help and guidance i understand that the company i use wont just me using this method but will have a number of ways of getting DATA, i am buying 80 lines of data a day that comes in throw-out the day.

If anyone here could help me buy telling me if this is possible.

I have had a quoth from a Indian company offering me a twitter Facebook & Linked In crawler for $1000

I have sent you an email. Please check

Skype: cis.vincent

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