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Sorting and working with dictionary
Can somebody help with this question?

Given the dictionary, medals, sort it by the medal count. Save the three countries with the highest medal count to the list, top_three.

medals = {'Japan':41, 'Russia':56, 'South Korea':21, 'United States':121, 'Germany':42, 'China':70}
This question may seem very easy to many of you, but i'm curious how you approach it.

first, a dictionary is a hashed table, so by default is not sort-able other than by insertion ordered (which is automatic with versions of python starting with 3.7.
you can, however extract the keys into a list, and then sort the list, effectively creating an ordered index into the dictionary
Example with your dictionary:
>>> medals = {'Japan':41, 'Russia':56, 'South Korea':21, 'United States':121, 'Germany':42, 'China':70}
>>> keys = medals.keys()
>>> for key in keys:
...     print(f'key: {key}, value: {medals[key]}') 
key: Japan, value: 41
key: Russia, value: 56
key: South Korea, value: 21
key: United States, value: 121
key: Germany, value: 42
key: China, value: 70
>>> # or by medal count:
>>> klist = []
>>> for key, value in medals.items():
...     klist.append([key, value])
>>> klist
[['Japan', 41], ['Russia', 56], ['South Korea', 21], ['United States', 121], ['Germany', 42], ['China', 70]]
>>> sorted(klist, key=lambda klist: klist[1])
[['South Korea', 21], ['Japan', 41], ['Germany', 42], ['Russia', 56], ['China', 70], ['United States', 121]]

Iterate over medals.items(), which will give you key/value pairs. Make a list of value/key tuples. Sorting that list will sort by value.
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Just a advice,you are doing a unnecessary step with klist Larz60+.
>>> medals = {'Japan':41, 'Russia':56, 'South Korea':21, 'United States':121, 'Germany':42, 'China':70}
>>> sorted(medals.items(), key=lambda v: v[1])
[('South Korea', 21),
 ('Japan', 41),
 ('Germany', 42),
 ('Russia', 56),
 ('China', 70),
 ('United States', 121)]
(Feb-08-2019, 03:27 PM)farzankh Wrote: Save the three countries with the highest medal count to the list, top_three.
>>> medals = {'Japan':41, 'Russia':56, 'South Korea':21, 'United States':121, 'Germany':42, 'China':70}
>>> sorted(medals.items(), key=lambda v: v[1], reverse=True)[:3]
[('United States', 121), ('China', 70), ('Russia', 56)]

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