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 Spreadsheets, Python, and Fortran
Hi, i am new to this Forum (and Python). It's a long time i keep asking myself if does exist a real alternative to VBA and Excel for scientific computing and my options should be confined to some requirements i list below:

-A spreadsheets user interface to let users (not scientist) to entry data in a user friendly way and retrieve results.
-A scripting language or even C/C++/Fortran/Java build function libraries and recall them easily in the way it's usually done in a spreadsheet, something similar to "=calcPumpingTime(volume, pumpSpeed)"
-The ability to build spreadsheets formulas dynamically and assigning them to spreadsheet cells during script/program execution.

I find VBA quite powerful if you dive deep in it, but still quite limited in the ability to interact easily with other spreadsheets, and limited in the data structures and algorithms it offers managing vectors matrix and so on...

I would like to know if the combination of gnumerics/python is a better alternative and if they can interact as well with external dll libraries of functions and what spreadsheet program seems to be best fitted for scientific computing (gnumerics, calc and so on...)

Thank you.
you can check xlwings
it combines excel and python
thanks Buran. Any expierience with gnumeric?
(May-02-2019, 12:08 PM)pmago Wrote: Any expierience with gnumeric?
no. I don't have much of experience with xlwings too - just had a look at it to see what it offers

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